5TimesZero -Augen der Grossstadt (Steve’s Solitary Remix)

Artist: 5TimesZero Title: ØK Format: CD / Album Release date: 2017-03-10 EAN: 4260101569707 Cat.Nr.: EZ16C2181 Genre: Dark-Electro Label: Echozone Distribution: BOB-MEDIA (World), Rock Inc. (Benelux), NonStopMusic (CH)
Audio Tracklisting 1 Unimportant 04:07 2 Don’t Push Me 04:29 3 Art Of Living 04:03 4 Naked 03:47 5 Instrument 03:54 6 Pyromanic 03:47 7 Frozen 04:58 8 Augen der Großstadt 03:43 9 Empty Floor 02:51 10 State Of Being 04:31 11 Higher Smile 04:20 12 My Side 05:23 13 Can I Balize You? 04:07 14 Paths 05:19
2015, July 23rd. It is mid-July when the band 5TimesZero – starting from zero – begin their work in realising their debut album with a lot of fun. A fascinating journey kicks off with the release of the weightless EP “Zero Gravity” and now makes a stop at 2017, March 10th, to release the debut album ØK (Zero Kelvin) .
A journey to the absolute zero of the soul, of 14 songs which similar to the underground stations in Paris or London – are arranged differently and illuminated with music.
The first station (it smells of tar, black and white tiling, neon light) is called “Unimportant” addressing the burden of having the freedom of choice, followed by “Don’t Push Me” (a construction site, claustrophobic, flickering lights), in sharp contrast to the next stop, “Art Of Living”, which combines golden splendour with cold and black granite. At the halts no. 4 and 5 (“Naked” and “Instrument”), you can daydream about dance poles and girls as personified musical instruments. At stop no. 6, “Pyromaniac”, it gets pretty hot for 3:47 minutes followed by a polar station called “Frozen”.
Next up, a museum station with pictures of Kurt Tucholsky, “Augen der Großstadt”. The wild ride goes on with station no. 9, “Empty Floor”, being flooded with the driving beats of street musicians, but no one dances. We close our eyes for the next 12 minutes and concentrate on the versatile voice of train driver A.S., “State of Being” and “Higher Smile”, followed by the hypnotic and guru-like “My Side” sung by train driver number 2 of the 00000-train, M.H., being at the same level as driver no. 1.
The next-to-last and most apprehensive stop raises the question “Can I Balize You?” which makes you grateful that you are entering the last and 14th stop, “Paths”, that thankfully decelerates the ride and returns you to reality accompanied by bright lights, the illumination of a big blue sky and a little bit of sorrow for leaving.
With “ØK” – pronounced Zero Kay – 5TimesZero manage to offer a hell of a ride that you will not forget so easily. A journey from station to station that immediately makes you want to start all over again.


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