AstroVoyager- First Lights-Mi Remix

AstroVoyager gradually weaves electronic synthesizers and keyboards with instruments from a full orchestra to create an electronic symphony. Complemented by an extraordinary live performance AstroVoyager’s ultimate goal is to completely immerse the listener in the music and visuals taking them onto a cosmic journey. Drawing influences from electronic music pioneers Jean-Michel Jarre, Space (Didier Marouani), Schiller and Deep Forest, the symphonic orchestra concept recently adopted by techno legends Jeff Mills and Derrick May is enchanting and timeless.

Born in Mertz and based in Dole, eastern France since 2011, music has been Philippe Fagnoni’s passion from a young age. Philippe was part of various bands before starting his own project exploring the boundaries of electro-symphonic music. Signed in 2006 to the Dreaming-Musea label, AstroVoyager can now give a glance at his successful concept albums ‘Temporal Gravitation’ (2006), ‘Symphotronic Lunation’ (2010), and ‘ElectrOpera’ (2012). In eleven years, there are three studio albums, six EPs and two substantial Live recordings (with no less than 4 CDs and 4 DVDs) to mark the passage of AstroVoyager. Some of his best-known titles such as ‘Telescope’, ‘Full Moon Rendezvous’, ‘Apollo 11’, ‘Pulsation IV’ and ‘Oscillation V’ are cut to withstand the test of time. Launched in 2011, Fagnoni’s label, CosmXploreR has promoted progressive-electronic and classical-electronic music for six years, with seven albums and a number of major electro-symphonic artists already signed to the label.

The highlights of his career so far include performances with the Tetraktys Ensemble for ElectrOpera and its pyromusical outdoor version in 2014 as well as ‘Big Bang’, which was presented in Dole last October with the Prague Concert Philharmonic. In 2017, Canadian artist Marco Grenier selected ‘First Lights (Original Mix)’ to be part of his warm-up set during the 2017 international electronica tour by Jean-Michel Jarre.

The ‘First Lights EP’ was the product of the Big Bang Remix Contest, an international competition between 96 remixers, who chose between producing either a Classic Remix or a Korg Electribe Remix. Judges included Deep Forest, Desange, Destillat, Mateo Relilef and Cross Angel.

Multi-instrumentalist and remixer Mi writes occasionally melancholic but forward-looking and borderless electronic music with a resolutely cinematographic edge, and is currently preparing an album inspired by cinema. French Electronic musician/producer The Alpha Ceti Orchestra is credited with experimenting with all forms of sample treatment. Self taught electro-musician Terra Pi composes in an world-ambient-electro style and has already released a number of soundtracks for documentary and teaching reports. Ghel is the solo project of sound designer Arnaud Ragon, whose background in 80’s DIY and magnetic tape has led to an exploration of the electronica universe. Son is the alias of Bertrand Folmard, a jack-of-all-sounds who aims at improbability, surprise and accident in his work. Finally, Best Electribe Remix winner and theremin player Olivier Romary creates ‘magnetic clouds’ with Tape echo and Monotron delay and works heavily with the Korg Electribe production synth.

Astrovoyager’s ‘First Lights (Original Mix)’ is a symphonic, cinematic score which cannot help but evoke the offerings of contemporary science fiction film and television. A classic sawtooth synth line opens the piece with a rhythmic pulse hinting at something dark and ominous. A beautifully produced and organic-sounding string ensemble begins to offset the purely electronic opening move, and creates the impression of leaving Earth. Vast and artistic spaces are created by the omission of over-complicated harmonic progression and unnecessary detail. Astrovoyager, as his name suggests, takes us on a journey with ‘First Lights (Original Mix)’, one that is irresistibly adventurous.

Philippe explains about ‘First Lights’, “With First Lights I have attempted to merge the emotional use of analog synthesizers (especially Moog bass sounds) and my love to unknown cinematic soundscapes with the orchestral percussions and strings that expresses the full intensity of the light which washes gently over the world“.

First Lights Remixes Tracklist:

01 First Lights (Original Mix) (Only available via Bandcamp)
02 First Lights (Mi Remix)
03 First Lights (The Alpha Ceti Orchestra Remix)
04 First Lights (Terra Pi Remix)
05 First Lights (Ghel Remix)
06 First Lights (Son Remix)
07 First Lights (Olivier Romary Remix)

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