Andrew Maley / DJ

Andrew Maley was absorbed into the world of pop music at an early age, using his encyclopaedic brain to maximum effect and creating a form of user-friendly anorak rarely seen.

Growing up with a backdrop of disco, soul and funk in the 70s, it was a stroke of luck that he would be the right age to pursue pop perfection in the greatest decade of them all, the 80s.

Ever since starting a band in 1985 that pursuit has intensified to this day, culminating in the all-encompassing scenario where he manages to combine Real Experts and Tame Genius with presenting the Perfect/Pop show fortnightly on Artefaktor Radio, a station that seems to be his spiritual home. 


Andrew’s vision is also to look out for upcoming flourishing pop talent and become a talisman for electro indie pop through his community label Black Towers Records, giving a chance to those seeking exposure.

He doesn’t dabble in sub-genres, popular music is all about the whole package, infectious melodies, memorable lyrics, cunning beats, alluring style, cool logos, and…sounding amazing. If it’s good…it’s good forever.

Artefaktor Radio

Live from Mexico City 24/7

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