The Sables – “Sublime Pt. 2”

Video for The Sables #1 bestseller “Sublime” was shot by famed
photographer and clip-maker Terje Sorgjerd from Norway. He told about
The Sables to his homies, world famous and award winning Norway finest
sons – duo Röyksopp. It was the beginning of “Pills” – collaboration
between underground and mainstream EDM: The Sables featuring Röyksopp.
Official video for “Sublime Pt. II” was shot by another great European
photographer and clip-maker Artem Pryadko aka ZweiZwei from Minsk. It
continues the traditions of “Sublime” video in terms of sightseeing
the most beautiful places in the world. But if the first video was
shot on the borderline of Norway and Finland and showcased the
unbelievable beauty of Northern Lights, “Sublime Pt. II” video
demonstrates the pearls of modern eastern civilization: skyscrapers,
spires and peaks made by human will and power, and, as you know,
“Sublime” means “peak” in poetical English.
The song is released on the latest The Sables EP “Turn off the Bright
Lights” featuring A-List celebrities like Röyksopp, Athlete and Tyrone
Lamar, cousin of Kendrick Lamar, and available now on any major
digital store:

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