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Gary Taylor is a DJ and Electronic Music Solo Artist, based in Birmingham/Reykjavik. He started creating music from an early age in the late 70´s, inspired by the original music of the time, Punk, Two Tone, New Wave, Reggae, Electro Pop, Disco, Funk. From there on in he started playing on Home keyboard, Organ, Piano, […]

Andrew Maley was absorbed into the world of pop music at an early age, using his encyclopaedic brain to maximum effect and creating a form of user-friendly anorak rarely seen. Growing up with a backdrop of disco, soul and funk in the 70s, it was a stroke of luck that he would be the right […]

Will Reid, Club 80s Club 80s is an internet radio show, hosted by Will Reid, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now in its 7th year of broadcasting, starting in June 2010, Club 80s has broadcast on radio stations based in the UK, The Netherlands, Croatia, and now Mexico with Artefaktor Radio. The music played is a […]

Rusty Egan (born 19 September 1957 in London) is the former drummer for the British new wave band Rich Kids.[2] They were founded by former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock (bass guitarist and backing vocals, occasional lead vocals), with Steve New (guitarist and backing vocals, occasional lead vocals) and fronted by Midge Ure (guitarist, lead vocals […]

Electronic Music Influences The Electronic Spark for him was hearing Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk in the late 70s. Add to that the Moroder produced Sparks – No.1 Song in Heaven and you have the foundation for what was to be a lifelong obsession with Sequencer driven and often Dancefloor […]

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