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Stuart Calder / DJ

Having grown up in the 80’s (and some might say he’s still there), Stuart has always had a passion and appreciation for electronic music. His first music playing device was a Sony Walkman, the one with a Play, Stop and Fast Forward buttons, meaning that to rewind a cassette, you needed to turn the tape over and fast forward it. It was a constantly used piece of equipment and to save battery life, he often took the tape out and rewound it manually by putting a pencil into the cassette hole and twirling it.

 The cassette that took the most manual rewinding was Vienna by Ultravox. This was the first album he that made him sit up and listen. From the initial tinkle at the start of Astradyne, all the way to the last shouts of ‘we’re standing still’ on All Stood Still, this awoke a stirring within him. The hypnotic and searing keyboards and violin from Billy Currie, thumping bass from Chris Cross, crashing drums from Warren Cann and powerful vocals/guitar from Midge Ure seemed to come together to create a sound like no other at the time. 36 years later, the hairs on his neck still stand up as the first beat of Vienna is comes out of the decaying end of Western Promise. From this album, Stuart entered a journey, exploring electronic music from the past, present and future and from all over the globe and he discovered the delights of the Human League (Travelogue is still a favourite), Heaven 17, Neu, Kraftwerk, John Foxx, Depeche Mode, Can, Hard Corps, New Order to name a few. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent in Earth Records, looking for something new and he now has record collection from the 80’s which is the envy of anyone who goes through it!

Stuart grew up in Aylesbury, home of the Friars music venue. A small hall, holding 600 people it hosted the likes of David Bowie, U2 Simple Minds and many, many others. This was the venue for his first ever gig…….Thomas Dolby. He walked onto the stage, casually smoking a cigarette and performed for an hour and a half, with the keyboards taking centre stage. Windpower was always a favourite and to see this live was a treat. Stuart has always been a keen gig goer, with a string of large and smaller concerts under his belt.

 With the music within him, he became a little disillusioned with the music of the 90’s but decided he would start a mobile disco up. Armed with £700, he went into a music shop and came out with £3000 worth of equipment. He was finally able to put the music he loved to good use. Playing and trying to mix and number of the more obscure 80’s bands together seemed to create interest in the genre with plenty of people coming to the mixing desk asking ‘That was great…..who was it?”.

More recently , Stuart could be heard presenting an electronic music show on a community radio station in the North West of England, which gained credibility and respect within the community as bands and artistes would tune in along with listeners from around the world. Today his passion is for the superb new electronic music that is being created by bands and artists around the world and he is always on the lookout for the elusive perfect remix.

 Stuart has also performed stand-up comedy in the North West of England and enjoys watching Wigan Athletic FC, but please don’t hold that against him, as he has promised not to play ‘Will Grigg’s On Fire’

 Stuart is presenting the Electro Wave Show every Friday at 8pm.

Electro Wave Show

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