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Written by on December 28, 2016

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Artefaktor Radio. Music submissions:

Please read this:

If the tunes aren’t tagged properly (metadata included), We won’t waste time on them. Too busy to try and work out artist / album and so on. Those files will be deleted straight away.
Instructions are VERY easy to follow:

Please READ instructions, once you have your file(s) ready, scroll down for submissions form

How To Submit:

Make sure all mp3 tracks are properly named including your artist name and the song title along, as necessary, with the mix name. 

All submissions that are not properly named, or are not in the mp3 format, will be deleted.

If you can’t tell the name of the song from the file how can we?

This might also help you: What are ID3 Tags in MP3 Files?


We do NOT accept submissions via Inbox on Facebook or PM/Direct Message on Twitter.

We do NOT play R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Trash Rock, Teen Pop etc.

We play Electronic Music.

Please submit links to your Twitter and Facebook pages. We will follow and support you on those accounts as well. It is necessary to submit your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you have them, so you may get our Notifications on Twitter and additional support on Facebook for events, shows etc.

Due the amount of music we receive everyday, please do not expect individual replies to emails.

To be considered for inclusion, you MUST provide:

    1. A clearly named mp3 (320Kbps) of the track, with the file name including the artists name, song name and mix title. Please do NOT just send over something that has been for your own use; think about who is receiving it, including our DJs who will want to be able to announce and store it for possible repeat use correctly.
    2. Background information or a brief resume; as a helpfully named Word/Notepad or similar document. Perhaps including when and how the song is being released, what live dates you have coming up and similar facts.
    3. A small SQUARE image to accompany the track, ideally a correctly named 600 x 600 pixels jpg file. Image is required due to some Artefaktor players display your artcover; have a look on this link:
    4. Your music MIGHT be played on Sneak Peek show on Monday at 7pm UK time. You can join the chat thread here:
    5. After Sneak Peek show, your song will be added automatically to be voted on Artefaktor TOP 20 song of the week:
    6. Join the live chat every Saturday 8pm UK time

EXTRA NOTE: If you send your track on Sundays, will be played 7 days later. Last day to take submissions is Saturdays. WE ONLY ACCEPT NEW MUSIC (2 WEEKS OLD OR LESS) YOUR FILES HAVE TO BE DIGITALLY MASTERED


Your files will look like this if they don’t contain metadata:



    Fields with * are required