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Blueonsilver – Vinlandia 9

#MIRRORS – Dreams

#Flashback: Tears for Fears –  Head Over Heels

Japanese Breakfast – Head Over Heels

Maple & Beech – Hot Air

Nadia Vaeh – Naked

The Regrettes – I Dare You

Nicolás Díaz – Wrong Place Nice Car ft Screamershock

Electric Youth – The Life

Amadeus Vegas – Umbra

Arriega Beats feat. Manfred Thomaser – Change (!distain Remix)

Kris Baha – Serve, Obey

Instupendo – Pinch

Sea Of Sin – You (Reflection Remix)

Mashrou Leila – Cavalry English Version Joe Goddard Re-Edit Dub

Hot Chip – No God

Empathy Test – A River Loves a Stone (Ari Mason Remix)

The Ocean Beneath featuring Nath Jackson – Setting Sun

Sky Civilian – Let’s Be Easy

Sulkin’ Raven – Steppin’

Glass Apple Bonzai – Machines

Projekt Ich – The Lightman feat. Oleg Degtiarev (Lilith My Mother) (Ideophobia Remix)

Frust – Topaze

Xotox – Paleodisco (Club-Mix)

Coloray – Stand Up Straight

Xarah Dion – Ethos Eros

Analogue Electronic Whatever – Fly me to the moon

BANADU – Good Time

INVŌKER – Churches

Kevin Lux – Numbers Two Four

II0I0I0II – Haloed Eyes (Grendel Remix)

Caroline McLavy – I-Lied-Ricardo-Autobahn-12

Accidental Allies – The Priest And The Sinner

Gibba – World Wide Wave

New Neon – Synergy (Scyia Static Modulation Remix)

Kirlian Camera – Polar-Ihs (Remix)

Accessory – At Night All Cats Are Gray

POS2 – Electropop

Leg Puppy – NDA

memory theater – Eyes Within Night

George Ergemlidze – Retrofuturistic

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