Artefaktor Radio Sneak Peek – Blue Son Productions 65- 120819

Sneak Peek Artefaktor


Safetalk – I Know

Corlyx – Can’t Get Enough

Private Agenda – Aura (Max Essa Extended Vocal Mix)

Sayana – Voices feat. Steelyvibe

Hibskit – Eleven

Night Protocol – Tears in the Rain

#ALPHABOT – The Program

#Flashback: Apoptygma Berzerk – Kathy’s Song (Mix By Vnv Nation)

Apoptygma Berzerk – Atom & Eve

DJSHADOWKAT – Ghosts In The Machines

Donbor – Born Killer

Cosaquitos en Globo – Fast Cars

Apoptygma Berzerk – A Battle For The Crow

Jonteknik – Tectonics

Circuit3 – Safe to Sleep

sh4m4n1sm – Ce Matin

Berlin – Show Me Tonight

Gothic Tropic – Drunk on a Rhythm

Positronic – Sweet Summertime (Radio Edit)

Runaway Droid – Broken Code

Tunnelvisions – Tropical Hotline [Atomnation]

Discoscuro – Carbon Silk

Ka Fu – Empty Days

Antipole – Syndrome

A Certain Ratio – Shack Up (Wipe Out Mix)

Nius X – Escape From The Gun

Interface – Ghosts Of Your Ambition

Dissonance – Poison Kiss (Full Throttle Mix)

lo-fi ROBOT Boy – Captain Sausage Fingers

Lone – How Can You Tell

Leeveye – How Long

Synthax Xtructure – Reasons of Time (Xtructure Remix)

#4LF – Robocall

#Flashback: Berlin – Masquerade (Extended Version)

Berlin – Sex (I’m A…)

Echoberyl – Broken Pieces

Omegagon – Attunement

Eli Raybon – Battery Brain

Dirty Backseat – Love in Vein

Color Theory – Avian

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