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Bluetown Electronica show 19.05.19

Bluetown Electronica May 19, 2019

Bluetown Electronica show 19.05.19

Synthie db Shock – Retro Planet

Jigsaw Sequence – Berlin Girl ( Big in Germany remix )

Faded Paper Figures – B Film

Cassettes won’t listen – Goodbye to Downtown

Telepopmusic- Dance Me

Individual Totem – Perfect

Leathers – Phantom Heart

Solveig Matthildur – Dystopian Boy

Alice Hubble – Goddess

Cyberactif – Nothing Stays

Anne Clark – Heaven

Tears for Fears – Memories Fade

Section 25 – Bad News Week

Lucky and Love – Dangerous Runaway

Buzzing Sound Candy – Tasted Heaven

Alpinestars – Burning up

Humachine- Replenish

Binary Park – Your own great nation

Unidentified Man / Chroma Carbon – Squandered

The Planets Won’t Let You Sleep – Destroy Beautiful Things

SPC ECO – One for the Little One

Skanfrom- Here she comes

SA42 – Technocrazy

Ugly Nature – Alien Expression

Palais Ideal – Catharsis

Mind Cinema – Neon Fire