Episode 07 – My Favourite Sings – Artefaktor Radio – 20190814

Bridget Gray


Ladytron,		International Dateline
LorD and Master,	Nameless
Fused with Kay Burden,	Tear Me to Pieces (Body Language Mix)
The Black Fever,	No Work
W O L F C L U B,	Electrify
Enya,			Orinoco Flow
FM Attack,		Cosmic Dance
Huguenot,		Be Where I Am
My Hysteria,		Survive
Nature of Wires,	Seagull
Duran Duran,		Butt Naked
Global Citizen,		Ooh La La with Mr Strange
Mr Strange,		Last Ride (Road to Ruin)
Anja Garbarek,		The Will To Walk
Eli Raybon,		Id of the Android
SubClass,		Whole (Obfuscated)
Madonna,		Drowned World/Substitute for Love
Shiny Darkness,		Rock'n'Roll Pride - Extended
SombreMoon,		Hereafter - Looking Inside Remix by Engine One
The Circuit Symphony,	Future Passed
The Rude Awakening,	To Say Goodbye (The LorD and Master Stolen Time Remix)
The Beloved,		Sweet Harmony
Youth Concept,		Bianca
Into the Blood,		Can't Get Enough
Ghostfeeder,		Star Beast
Ooberfuse,		Never Give Up (Patrick Kambo Mix)
Julian Cope,		Las Vegas Basement

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