Episode 08 – My Favourite Sings – Artefaktor Radio – 20190911

Bridget Gray


LorD and Master,			I Heard It In the 80s
Parallox,				Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix)
Vague Notion,				Orion
Tina Cousins,				Killing Time
Kathryn Joseph,				The Crow
Massive Ego,				The Girl who finds gifts from Crows
The Human League,			A Crow and a Baby
Aldous Harding,				Zoo Eyes
Cosaquitos en Globo,			Fast Cars
Matthias,				Heartfelt
Gabriel Vigliensoli,			Am I Tempest?
Empathy Test,				Just Got Home
Black Tiles,				Dead Girls
Massive Atttack,			Teardrop
Subject:2,				Blue Door
The Rude Awakening,			To Say Goodbye (The Watch Clark Reference Frame Remix)
Watch Clark,				The Act of Wanting
Simple Minds,				Belfast Child
B-Tribe,				She Moves Through the Fair
Depeche Mode,				Waiting for the Night
Ovvls,					Abandoned Ship
Into The Blood,				Stay Forever
Darwin McD,				November High (Darwinmcd Remix)
Antipole,				Syndrome
1i2c,					Bed of Nails
Mind Machine,				Hundred Thousand Million (MDA Remix)
Orchestral Manouevres In the Dark,	Don’t Go
Yazoo,					Don't Go (Reconnected Live)

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