Episode 12 – My Favourite Sings – Artefaktor Radio – 20191106

Bridget Gray


Erasure,			Moon & The Sky (The Millionaires Radio Edit)
Vague Notion,			Invisible Man
Shiny Darkness,			The Great White
Knight$,			Gelato
Subject:2,			Nobody's There
Jean Michel Jarre,		Equinox Part 5
Jean Michel Jarre,		Brick England with Pet Shop Boys
Pet Shop Boys,			Dreamland with Years and Years
Metatron,			Death By Stereo
Johan Baeckstrom,		Silence (Val Solo Makeover)
Public Service Broadcasting,	Spitfire
Confidence Man,			Boyfriend
The Rude Awakening,		Kaleidoscope (Dicepeople 'Roll The Dice' Remix)
David J,			(I Don't Want to Destroy) Our Beautiful Thing
The Human League,		Empire State Human
Recoil,				Edge to Life
Ricardo Autobahn,		Cocktails on the Dream Train to Hyperspace
Jason Mraz,			I'm Yours
Keldari Station,		Big Electric Heart (Perpacity Mix)
Perpacity,			Creeps Beneath Your Skin
Daryn Brown,			Bedsitter
Gary Numan,			Down in the Park (Piano Version)
Samuel,				I Need Space
Honey Beard,			This is Forever
Into The Blood,			Need Stuff (Radio Edit)
ManMindMachine,			The Robots Dance
Tiny Magnetic Pets,		Girl In A White Dress
The Saw Doctors,		Clare Island
Fatboy Slim,			The Rockafeller Skank

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