Episode 13 – My Favourite Sings – Artefaktor Radio – 20191120

Bridget Gray


Fused ft Stephen Newton,	Love in Itself (Construction Mix)
Paul Randall,			Acrux
Morgan King,			Stealing From The Scarecrow
Gary Numan,			Ghost Nation
bdy_prts,			Ghost In The Maze
Ghostfeeder,			Voyeur
Sinestar,			Recognise Me
Matthias and Marss,		Snowfall
Shiny Darkness,			Brain Strain
Revelever,			Play With The Fire
The Distant Minds,		Until The Lights Go Out
Planet Neil,			Grace
D.D.Danahy,			Grace
Erasure,			Grace
Fragrance.,			Gravity and Grace
The Rude Awakening,		Emerald Dancer (The Graflex Urban Grace Remix)
Honey Beard,			Full of Stars
Communards,			If I Could Tell You
Global Citizen,			Scene Of The Crime
Mechanical Cabaret,		Allow It
Nature of Wires,		Seagull (Workings of a Madman Remix)
Brook,				Built You For Thought
Hazel O'Connor,			D-Days
Parralox,			Lucretia My Reflection
Sisters of Mercy,		Something Fast
Shiny Darkness,			Snake Nest
Pinklogic,			Sparks May Fly
OMD,				Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang

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