Episode 20 – My Favourite Sings – Artefaktor Radio – 20200311

Bridget Gray


Twist Helix,					Louder
Mind Machine,					Here And There (Blume Remix)
Matthias and Mark Bebb,				Hold me (People Theatre Remix)
Heaven 17,					This is Mine
Finiflex,					Science
Color Theory,					This Whole Nothing
Battery Operated Orchestra,			The Dissolve
Watch Clark,					Get To Win
Gary Numan,					Pure
Among the Echoes,				Pure
Cigarettes After Sex,				Pure
Sean Quinn,					Isolator
Vague notion,					Fallin In Love
Sea of Sin,					Immaculate
Depeche Mode,					Sea of Sin, (Tonal Mix)
LorD and Master featuring The Rude Awakening	Marble House (LorD and Master Velvet Curtain Mix)
Chromatics,					Whispers In The Hall
Erasure,					Senseless (Avalon Mix)
Mr Strange,					Rumours
Jean Michel Jarre				Aero
Projekt Ich,					The Stranger feat Faltenhall
Foreign Technology,				Strange Electric
Flo Rida,					Whistle
Echo and the Bunnymen,				Read It In Books
Eric C Powell,					How I Feel (Andrik Arkane Remix)
The Grey Disorder,				No Time To Die (Artefaktor Remix)
Yeah But No,					Run Run Run (Mollono Bass Remix)
Alabama3,					Johnny Cash (Know His Name)

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