Sneak Peek – Blue Son Productions 63- 290719

Sneak Peek Artefaktor


LooneyJetman – The Island (2019 remix)

MUNYA – Dove

Rosemary Fairweather – Where Birds Fly

BIG DATA – Give Me Life

Luke Million – Heard it On The Radio ft. Asta

Kelly Jay Roberts – Through The Void

Гласность – Тело

Trevor Something – All Messed Up

Augustine – In the Mountains – [ZERO CALL Mix]

Eli Raybon – Computer, Don’t Kill Me

IRIS – Silent

NeonLab – Neon Dreams

Body Of Light – Time To Kill

VVV – Living Above Your Head

Planet Neil – Photograph

Mordisco – Zenit (Shorter)

Synesthete – Natural Progression

Shiny Darkness – Step Aside

Missing Words – Break These Chains

Ghostfeeder – Shadow

Asiiva – Sun Goes Down

***WORLD PREMIERE: Unknown Land – Cathedral ***

#SapphiraVee – Find Me (Infunkstrial Mix)

Apparat – Caronte (Radio Slave Core Vocal Remix)

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy (Elio Foglia boot remix)

Supercraft – All You’ll Ever Be (People Theatre remix)

Ace Buchannon – Mizukage Prototype

DJSHADOWKAT – We Are The Artefaktor (Teleporter Mix)

Am Tierpark – Dont Tell Me

Redscape – Coolwave

Night Vision – Set Me Free (Omegagon Remix)

Rroyce – Too Little (Rotoskop’s Dancer Mix)

Eqavox featuring Bex – If I Could Dance

Thomas P. Heckmann – Space Trax

Mechanical Cabaret – Allow It

Reflection – I’mGonnaDie(RobDustRemix)

Synthax Xtructure – Under Sky

Carlo Onda – Geister (Night Haze Remix)

Seven Seers – Girl In Black

HAPAX – Truth Or Lie

Humachine – GROUNDED

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