The Fused Wireless Programme – 19.33



Untitled (The The) – The The
Die Tomorrow (Swing Tomorrow Version by Rocksin) – Lord of The Lost
The Only Way Is Up – Yazz & The Plastic Population
Dark Times At The Berlin Wall – Blaqk Audio
How Long? – Leeveye
Lust – Berlin
Fast Cars – Cosaquitos en Globo
Sweet Summertime – Positronic
Not with Me – Interface
Broken Pieces – Echoberyl
In The Year 2525 – Visage
Shadows – Knight$
Welcome To The Pleasuredome – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Safe to Sleep – Circuit3
A Battle For The Crown – Apoptygma Berzerk
Tropical Hotline – Tunnelvisions
The Tentacles of the Oz – Room 1985
Espionage Version – Philipp Münch
Bhairavi’s Garden – Tijuana Cartel
Tears in the Rain – Night Protocol
Nova – VNV Nation
One Last Dance – Probe 7
Chrome – VNV Nation
Little Monsters (People Theatre Mix) – 0Kontrol
Shout (Dub Remix) – Tears For Fears
Escape From The Gun – Nuis X
Gunfire On The Dance Floor – Affect Effect
Shack Up (Wipe Out Mix) – A Certain Ratio
Careless Whisper – The Sax Brothers
Cambodia – Pulsedriver
Reasons of Time (Xtructure Remix) – Synthax Xtructure
Knights & Bishops – Ancient Methods
My Body Is Wrong – Corlyx
Cheese Burger – (029)
Drop Some Drums (Ivan & Phil’s Dark Alley Remix) – (Love) Tattoo
Robocall – 4LF
Theremin (Club Edit) – Covenant
Japanese Bodies (Remember Hiroshima Edit) – Leaether Strip
1984 – Arvsynd
Tectonics – Jonteknik
The Cathedral Part II: Terror Ascends – Cœur
The Darkest Sin – Kabuki
Tomorrow Never Comes (Reaper Remix) – VNV Nation
Ohne Geld – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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