The Fused Wireless Programme – 19.35



Orion – Vague Notion
Fear – Digital Energy
H2O (2019 remix) – LooneyJetman
Autumn 2 Ashes – Cyber Monday
Third Strike – Iris
Pools – Synesthete
Chicas De Madrid – Red Sleeping Beauty and Cristina Quesada
Tempted By The Sound of Violence – The Mystic Underground
Things In The Shadows (feat. Adam Leonard) (Tronik Youth Remix) – Warriors of The Dystotheque
Part of the 80’s – Oh Baby
Temps De Chaos – Galatée
Tutan Jamon (Chaim Remix) – Franz Matthews & Local Suicide
Real – ProjectD
Trinity – Prophet of Jupiter
Animal Beat – Andalou Dog

Abraxas – La Punta Bianca
Voyage Voyage – Black Nail Cabaret
Infinity – XLR:840
Deaf Pursuit – Wingtips
Bullet – The Static Architect
When Gravity Fails – Numb
The Shaman of the Future (Future Jungle Mix) – Transdutor
Meatraffle On The Moon (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Meatraffle
Someone Else – Paragon Cause
The Void (Nightchild A. RMX) – 0Kontrol
Downtown Network – Neon Insect
Look Out Tonight – Stallion’s Stud
Another Dimension – Moya81
Give Me the Taste (Hannah Holland Remix) – Joyce Muniz, Kim Anh
Endorphin – Strobe Connector
Hallus (feat. HGich.T) – Grossstadtgeflüster

Raw Dream – Hide
Here Above the Sky – Ginger Snap5
What Are You Waiting For (Mindbeat Remix) – Sea of Sin
Mankind Termination – Bas Antonan
Mortal Birth (Acid On Steel) – First Aid 4 Souls
Liebe Mich (feat. T[ERROR] & Cat Hall) (Areal Kollen Twisted Remix) – Chris Keya
Som du – Syntet
Eternity (Pinch Remix) – Emika
Thoughtcrime (Mean Mugger-Mix) – ELM
Red Noise (The Dark Prince Remix) – Empirion
The Innocence (Illnurse remix) – Halo Effect
Natural Emotion (People Theatre’s Motion Mix) – Mind Machine

Red Frame/White Light – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
Die Liebe – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

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