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The Fused Wireless Programme – 21.49 (Xtra!)

Myk.R December 9, 2021

Ants Part 1 (Our Last Supper) – Decommissioned Forests
Suburban Waves – Fawns of Love
Drowning (Spatial Awareness Dub) – Teleforme
777 – Voltron 2
Autobahn – davaNtage
Sputnik – Koto
Moving On – Positronic
Who Am I (Wiener Planquadrat Remix) – Dina Summer
A Thousand Tears – The Distant Minds
Crack (Dark Mix) – BlakLight
New Error – That Fatal Error
VR Chained (feat. Pulse Lab / Restriction 9 Remix) – Projekt Ich
C’est Ma Vie (Anna Prior Remix) – Sparkling
Tainted Love (Jamie Jones 4Z Remix) – Soft Cell
I Want 2 B with U – Dead or Alive
Wrinkle Bed Sheets (LorD and Master Remix) – Dani Tamayo
Analog Dreams – Side 8
Reef – Alangii
Never Thought – Maartell
Carefree Youth – Neufeld
The Echo of The Mountains – ReCorpo
Tintintin – Los Pollos Hermanos
California Daddy (Sorry the Hedgehog Remix) – Wera Stasiak
Strike A Pose – Moreso
Cries of The Fallen – Ruined Conflict
Get the Balance Right – Plastic Noise Experience
Hypnotic (The Number H Soul Eater Mix) – daddybear
Hard Rain – Fluid Ghost
Hurt – Menschdefekt
To The Core – Matt Hart
The Slow Ascent – Raison D’etre
Under A New Saint – Autumns
Ultraviolet – Catsnake
Oro Y Muerte – Confines
Brain Activity – Jørgen Thorvald
Take Control On Your Brain – John Lord Fonda
Totentanz Pt. 2 – Neuroklast
The Work Is Done – Orange Sector
Schauspiel (Strikkland Remix) – Sturm Café
Der Zivilisation – Laibach
Fireball – Don Spencer

Mixcloud Xtra!

Warming up the Bass Machines – Claude VonStroke
Run (Klackmix 2.0) – Null Device
3-1-8 – The2$
You Did (feat. La Meduza) – Viktor Petrov
Thinking Machines – Bysmarque & Snowwhyte
Fresh Laundry – Allie X
Excite Me (Midnight Mix) – Don’t Mention It
Generation F – Ambassador21
Sanitize Me – We Are Replica
Strangers In A Room (Cult of Alia Remix) – Dead Astronauts
Machine Funk – Robodrum
Problematic On Main – Cut Unconscious
Creep In a Box (Sebastian Komor Remix) – Guilt Trip
Kling Klang Dalom (2021 Remaster) – Famlende Forsøk
Prefab War – Angelspit
Crash – Ava Vox