Artefaktor boss Renato Moyssen chats with Johnny and Bridget about The Rude Awakening and their fabulous radio shows. A two hour radio show crammed with TRA music and interview and even TWO Exclusive first plays of as-yet unreleased songs.

July 1, 2020

NEW SHOW ON ARTEFAKTOR RADIO!Our lovely Anıl Aykan will be on air every 2 Sundays on #WOM show! STARTS THIS SUNDAY AT 7PM UK TIME!WOM = Womb/Women Of Music/Word Of Mouth/Women On Mission.Best Electronic tracks focusing on the Women’s voice.Join us! https://artefaktorradio.com

LIVE AID 35 years FULL concert:18 hours + interviews Tuesday 12:00 pm BST on Artefaktor Radio & Artefaktor Radio – LATAMEDT 7 AM, Canada 7 AM, Mexico 6 AM

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